we caught a mouse the cat brought in the house. i did not notice the irony of the book i used to hold the bowl down until my housemate pointed it out. 

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Investigating why the humans hangout in here…

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"Anyone in? I’ve lost my key!"

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boop boop boop boop

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so the other day my mom looked outside and saw my cat and freaked out because he’d escaped so she bribed him back in with a treat and closed the door

then she turned around and saw two of my cat sitting there and realized she’d let in a practically identical stray so she shooed him out again

now my (actual) cat spends HOURS every day with his nose pressed against the window or screen door and the twin cat on the other side and they just hold their paws out to one another and sit there mournfully

it’s actually the most tragic romantic cat love story of all time

omg take the stray in please

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