Ugh, do I like you or do I just think I do because I’ve spent lots of time with you lately?!

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I’m becoming obsessed with The Dark Knight Rises and Inception all over again.

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Blah blah, fucking blah

Just shut up. Just, stop.

I feel sad tonight :(

One of my best friends recently had a baby and named him Winter…

I wish she’d told me in advance what she was naming him…

So I could have said

"Winter is coming…"

for 9 months…

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I am so fucking mad. So I’m due to finish work at 2pm but we have an event on so I was staying over until around 3pm so the girl coming in at 2pm wouldn’t be on her own when it’s busy. Only she’s now rung in sick and I know she was doing something last night after she finished work at 10pm. So now not only do I have to stay even later than I originally was, I have to deal with the rush I was staying later to help HER with. Thanks a fucking bunch. I will never offer to help this bitch again, I am fucking serious.

So many kangaroos on my dash right now…

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