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I am so fucking mad. So I’m due to finish work at 2pm but we have an event on so I was staying over until around 3pm so the girl coming in at 2pm wouldn’t be on her own when it’s busy. Only she’s now rung in sick and I know she was doing something last night after she finished work at 10pm. So now not only do I have to stay even later than I originally was, I have to deal with the rush I was staying later to help HER with. Thanks a fucking bunch. I will never offer to help this bitch again, I am fucking serious.

So many kangaroos on my dash right now…

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You called me cute^.^


 forgot to tell you that you’re cute also…

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Suicide Prevention Week

This week is Suicide Prevention Week.
Every 40 seconds, someone takes their own life. And for every one person who succeeds, another 20 are not successful.
Show your support this week, let people know they are not alone.
No one shoul ever be made to feel like suicide is their only option.

This subject is very close to my heart.
I’m always here if my followers need to talk.

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